samedi 11 février 2017

Hello  ,  its  ahouzi  mohamed ,  this  time  we're  not  going  to  talk  about  music  ,  but  about  series . First ,  me  i'm  not  the  kind  of  people  who  loves  watching  series  and  TV  .  When  i  was  a  kid  i  had  to  watch  a  lo t of  series  and  anims  ,  but  i  didn't  watch  it  from  it beginning  to  it  end ,  i  always  miss  some  episodes.  But  last  summer  i  was  surching  for  a good  serie ,  and  finnaly  i  found  it ✌❤ : PRISON BREAK       

Prison Break is an American television serial drama  created by Paul scheuring that was broadcast on Fox for four seasons,  ( i didn't finish it yet ) from 2005 to 2009. I'm watching it on NETFLIX . The series revolves around two brothers. One brother has been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, and the other devises an elaborate plan to help his brother escape prison and clear his name.

He held up a bank in order to go to the same prison as his brother. Before going there, he got all the stages of his plan tattooed on his body.
He thought that his plan was perfect but things didn't turn out as he would have liked so he had to change his plans many times so as to reach his aim.
Indeed some of the prisoners who could have been useful to help him escape from prison didn't necessarily cooperate as he would have liked and other prisoners who discovered his plans would like to be part of it.
But at the end of  season 1 after many events Michael, his brother and all the otherprisoners who helped him  escape succeeded.
But the adventure  isn't over, and in  season 2 they will have to escape  all the polices of the country in particular the FBI agent who follows them to be able to join .
In season 3, Michael and his brother manage to join  Panama but even there things won't happen as they had planned  . Those who committed the crime for which Lincoln was accused, manage to incarcerate Michael into a prison in  Panama but this one contains no rules, prisoners make laws. Lincoln will have to save him in his turn.
i can't say something about season 4 because i didn't whatch it yet .