mardi 15 novembre 2016

Hello everyone , my name is Ahouzi Mohamed :
I like listening to music because it's a great way to discover the other cultures , and in many cultures music is an importante part of people's way of life  . Music is divided in to genres , and genres can be further divided into subgenres . Me i listen often to all genres and subgenres  of music , like  : Pop , rock , Hip Hop , rap , rock'n'roll … I like to listen to music because when i listen to it i feel so better because it's make  me feel  happy , relaxed  and it's gave me energy in the moorning  to  manage negatives emotions and stres  and give me positive emotions . I don't have a favorite singer because i like almost all the genres of music , and each day i listen to a a genre because it's depende on me .👏