mercredi 28 septembre 2016

Hello everyone , my name is Ahouzi Mohamed , I'm 15 years old . I am from Tangier ( morocco ) and I study in : groupe scolaire le detroit . In this paragraph I'll speak about : what makes me proud of Morocco and exactly Tangier .
I'm proud of Tangier  first  because its my city where i was born and almost of my familly and my friends lives there  . I can't leave Tangier because i have past all my life there . I like tangier because i often go out with my friend to see movies , eat out , play soccer ...
If i have the possibility to change something in tangier ,  I'll change nothing , because my city is PERFECT .

1 commentaire:

  1. It's very interesting how you find your hometown so perfect because people here often want to move away from where they're from. And like you I also play soccer! What position do you play? Also, how popular is soccer in Tangier? Here in Fortuna it's pretty big but not as popular as American football and basketball.